Gregory of Nazianzus: Why it Matters that God Become Human

gregory of nazianzusTo Cledonius the Priest Against Apollinarius
Gregory of Nazianzus

“If any assert that He has now put off His holy flesh, and that His Godhead is stripped of the body, and deny that He is now with his body and will come again with it, let him not see the glory of His Coming…

…For that which He has not assumed He has not healed; but that which is united to His Godhead is also saved. If only half of Adam fell, then that which Christ assumes and saves may be half also; but if the whole of his nature fell, it must be united to the whole nature of Him that was begotten, an so be save as a whole. Let them not, then, begrudge us our complete salvation.”
– Gregory of Nazianzus, Epistle CI

H/T Chris Swann