Advent Baking

Advent is a time of waiting expectantly, calling our attention back to Jesus who is coming again. But we can be a little practical during this time too – Advent is also a time for preparing for upcoming Christmas celebrations. A common occupation during Advent is Christmas cooking. Many of us make cakes, biscuits, truffles and sweets weeks out from Christmas to give to friends and family as Christmas celebrations ramp up.

Biscuits 3Biscuits and gingerbread are among the most fun things to cook during Advent, because we get to decorate them at the end and give them away as gifts. For the last few years I’ve been making vanilla biscuits from a recipe my mother-in-law found. There is also a great recipe for fluffy vanilla icing, perfect for decorating biscuits with. Borrow some cookie-cutters from a friend, or use your old favourites and before long you will have a great collection of edible gifts for family and friends. Here is a tip for decorating with icing: cut away the tiniest part of the corner of a sandwich bag and -tada!- you have your very own thing to pipe out icing with!

I have never actually made gingerbread before, but I’d love to give it a go. Do you have a good recipe to share with a beginner?