Lenny Smith: Comfort Ye My People

It’s just a guy and his guitar and the text of Isaiah 40. If there is a purple passage for advent, this is it.

Comfort, comfort ye my people, says the Lord and
Speak ye tenderly to her.
Cry to her that all her warfare is now over.
All her sins are washed away,
For the Lord himself has tried her,
he has doubled all her woes
so that now her clothes are whiter than snow.

For I the Lord will help you
fear not, I will hold your hand.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord in the desert
Make straight a highway for our God, Hallelujah!
Every valley shall be raised, every mountain made low,
And the crooked shall be straight, and the rough places plain,
for the glory of the lord shall be revealed.
And all flesh shall see it together
the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

He shall feed them like a shepherd,
Gather them and carry them inside his bosom, gently lead them.
Who has measured out the waters in the hollow of his hand?
Who has measured out the heavens with a balance and a span?
Who has measured all the mountains in this land?
To whom then shall we liken our God?
To whom does he compare?